Tubysol, luz natural

TubYsol® illuminates naturally aerospace parts factory PDF Print E-mail

TubYsol® illuminates naturally aerospace parts factory

TubYsol® piezas aeroespacialesThe warehouse is located in the city of Alcala de Henares, and executed by the company Industrial Buildings Norton SA, has selected TubYsol® as natural lighting system for their installations, engaged in the manufacture of parts for the aerospace industry. .

The TubYsol® technical department has conducted a lighting and distribution study of lighting pipes, giving a result of excellent lighting as seen in the images.

TubYsol® piezas aeroespacialesTubYsol® piezas aeroespacialesTYX530 system is one of the application solutions for industrial buildings and supermarkets, which make possible the energy efficiency of these industrial buildings and we hope very soon one of the solutions used for the illumination of this type of construction.



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